Nikos Navridis: Infinite transformations of breath and void

Nikos Navridis: Transformaciones infinitas del aliento y del vacío

Nikos Navridis, Untitled, 1996

Nikos Navridis, The question of the age of the void, 1996

Nikos Navridis, On life, beauty, translation and other difficulties, 1997

Nikos Navridis, Traps, 1998

Nikos Navridis, Orange Auto Portrait or When Breaths return to the body, 2001

Nikos Navridis, Snow balloons or Trapping their own breaths, 2003

Nikos Navridis, With no hands or When She Leans on her Own Breath, 2000-2003)

Nikos Navridis, Looking for a place, 1999-2000

navridis_difficultbreaths2bgev0 NAVRIDIS_Difficult Breaths #3 navridis_difficult_breath navridis_difficult_breath_week_3

Nikos Navridis, Difficult Breaths, 2004

Nikos Navridis, Tomorrow will be a wonderful day, 2008